Shadrac Jean Charles, Treasurer of The Community Health and Empowerment Network

Sadrack Jean Charles


Mr. Jean Sadrack Charles is the CEO of Integrity Service Center.  He was born and raised in Haiti.  As an Entrepreneur, he is a Certified Tax Consultant and Licenced Insurance Agent. His passion is to serve the community in any way that he can.  His non-profit experience started back in 2015 when he founded AJED (Association des Jeunes pour le Développement), an organization that had the purpose of facilitating services for unfortunate kids to go to school in Haiti. 

 For her work in the community, Micaelle Titus has received numerous accolades. In 2015, she received Presidential Award of Excellence from The Family Foundation for her work in HIV Prevention and education.  In addition, in 2018, Ms. Titus received The Caribbean America Heritage Award for her work as a community planner in the Caribbean-American community. Ultimately, Micaelle Titus is a strong and passionate leader who is making a huge impact in our community. Her life pleasures include running and spending time with her two beautiful daughters, Jasmine and Mianah.