Monthly Support Group

Real Magnolias

CHE’s Real Magnolia Program is a peer support group that meets bi-weekly.
It was created to provide minority women a safe place to meet and talk amongst themselves about everyday issues they are facing.  These problems can sometime be prevented with support and resources that we work to bring for these women.  We also look to offer an increased awareness of and access to HIV prevention.  We provide a stigma free atmosphere with no judgment.  We empower women to take control of their sexual health through screening, education and PrEP referrals. The women are comprised from all walks of life: some are infected with the virus and others are affected by HIV/AIDS.  We periodically provide a Mental Health Social Worker to come and speak to the women to receive mental health support and effective self-esteem tools.  The women take field trips, participate in activities and engage in meaningful conversation.
Real Magnolias Support Group